Our products are made with the best materials and top quality raw materials and bear the FSC Forest Stewardship Council label.

Our natural certificates

Lotoplant has been working with nothing but the finest materials since 1989. At our factory we prioritise the use of manufacturing materials that respect both people and the environment.

Our production is therefore based on the use of cork and rubber. The biodegradation of these materials is considerably faster than, for example, plastic as a manufacturing element. 

The insole components we manufacture have the following hallmarks:

Natural jute

Jute decomposes to 46.5% in 32 days, and approximately 100% in 2 months.


Guaranteed use of sustainable materials, taking care of both human beings and the natural environment. Our Lotoplant anatomical insoles made of cork and rubber feature comfort and high durability: this is the eco-sustainable commitment of our brand.



natural cork

Cork-rubber decomposes by 8.2% in 32 days and would take approximately one year to fully biodegrade.


Our manufacturing materials comply with all the requirements established in the REACH Regulation of the European Union. Our customers have the maximum guarantee that they are buying totally safe products.

Natural materials

We only use the best materials to manufacture our products. We always carry out a careful selection, prioritizing their quality.

Natural materials, light, flexible, but very resistant and durable.


We use 100% natural cork extracted from cork oaks (Quercus suber) from the pastures of Extremadura in Spain.

Natural jute

We use natural jute to provide greater stability to our insoles. Natural fibers of jute with rubber and cork, give consistency to the footbed.

Natural rubber

We use rubber extracted by natural means from the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis).

Ecologial inks

We can draw your brand in a wide variety of colours using high quality and environmental friendly inks.

1. Ecological inks for marking insoles

2. Different materials and colors available

3. Lightness and flexibility

4. Jute to provide stability and consistency

5. 100% natural cork and rubber are synonymous with resistance and durability


We work with renewable raw materials from mostly Asia and Spain.

The rubber is of 100% natural origin.. We have a control at origin to verify and guarantee the quality of the product.

As forthe cork, it comes from Extremadura, from family farms and pastures, respectful of the environment, making the extraction of cork compatible with the natural cycles of this type of Mediterranean forest.

Lightweight and ecological soles

Our anatomical insoles are designed to offer maximum comfort and lightness, always taking care of the quality of our materials.

Chromium free

We comply with the requirements established in the REACH regulation on chemicals of concern. Our insoles are free of hazardous chemicals. We also work with suppliers that meet the conditions of the MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List)

Recycled materials, plant fabrics

We use all kinds of natural and recycled materials. We manufacture vegan insoles, with medicinal herbs and with scents.

Cites Convention

No skin belonging to protected species covered by the Washington Convention (CITES) is involved in our templates.

We have the FSC seal of Forest Management Certification.

At Lotoplant we are very aware of the environment, which is why, from the beginning, we wanted to have appropriate forest management. We work with natural materials and our objective is to guarantee that the use of wood and other raw materials contributes to maintaining good ecological processes. The FSC Forest Management Certification seal guarantees that we do.

Our anatomical insoles are made with high-quality materials for lightness, flexibility, and durability, but we also want those materials to have been properly treated.

We comply with the REACH Regulation on chemical substances of concern.

The REACH Regulation entered into force in 2007 and its purpose has always been to improve protection against the risk that human health and the environment may face due to the manufacture, sale and use of chemical substances and mixtures.

In our company we can demonstrate that all our insoles are made safely, free of dangerous chemical substances. We maintain environmental integrity and guarantee the high level of protection of our workers. Something we are very proud of.

We have suppliers free of substances included in the MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List)

The MRSL translates to the Manufacturing Restricted Substance List. A list that collects the dangerous chemicals that are prohibited in any manufacturing process. None of them should be present even in the finished product. In this way, real security is guaranteed both for manufacturers and for the final consumer.Desde Lotoplant trabajamos con proveedores que cumplen con estas medidas de seguridad. Nuestras plantillas anatómicas tienen una cadena de producción altamente segura. Protegemos nuestra marca y todo lo que esta engloba.

Our skins do not belong to protected species covered by the Washington Convention (CITES)(CITES)

CITES is an agreement between governments that is intended to protect the survival of wild animal and plant species from overexploitation. Did you know that international trade involving countless animal and plant specimens already amounts to billions of dollars? Therefore, the need for this agreement is essential.

Any skin that is included in this list is never used or will ever be used in our templates. Our raw materials are renewable and respectful of the environment that surrounds them.

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