We are manufacturers of shoe insoles

We were born in 1989, in Elche, a city with great experience in the footwear industry. From our beginnings to the present, our goal has always been to create a quality product. For this reason, our anatomical insoles are designed with natural biodegradable materials and include the latest innovations in the sector. In this way, we guarantee that any shoe obtains a very comfortable footprint.

From our factory, more than 3 million pairs of plants leave for different countries around the world. We are recognized national and international manufacturers and this is thanks to the effort we have put all these years into creating a product with which we can compete. Avant-garde and tradition come together to produce the best shoe insoles on the market.

We manufacture anatomical insoles

We have been dedicated to the manufacture of anatomical insoles for thirty-two years. Our company, with a family character of which we are very proud, has grown generation after generation until it became what it is today. A benchmark in the national and international footwear market.

We combine traditional techniques and invest in the most advanced technology to achieve the best result. Thanks to our materials we can guarantee that each of our insoles has the greatest flexibility and lightness possible. As manufacturers, we do not allow ourselves to create a product that is uncomfortable to walk on. We design exclusive anatomical insoles that adapt to any type of footwear. They prevent foot fatigue, improve shock absorption and increase stability.


Proceso de fabricación de plantillas anatómicas.

We manufacture ecological insoles for footwear

Our insoles are entirely made with top quality renewable raw materials. Eco-sustainable materials, with a meticulous prior selection, which come mostly from Asia and Spain. Cork, rubber and jute give our insoles the lightness, flexibility and durability they need. We know that every step counts, which is why we produce taking into account the value of healthy feet.

We can affirm that:

· We have light and ecological soles.
· We work with recycled materials and plant fabrics.
· We have the seal free of dangerous chemicals.
· None of our leathers come from protected species.

At Lotoplant we are very aware of the environment.

Plantilla 204 white alzado.

Manufacturers of shoe insoles in Elche

Our anatomical insoles factory is located in Elche. A city on the Alicante coast, in which shoes are the fundamental basis of the economy. Thanks to the experience of our professionals, tradition and great knowledge of raw materials, we manufacture with a guarantee of success.

At Lotoplant we create the most comfortable and natural insoles on the market. We firmly believe in our product and our know-how. For this reason, we are always willing to move towards other places and make our brand a reference for quality wherever it goes. We export the comfort of our anatomical insoles to the world.



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