Insoles for shoes of all kinds

At Lotoplant we have been working with our products nationally and internationally for more than three decades. We manufacture millions of templates that we export to the world. Versatile and functional models like few on the market. And it is that our ambition has always been to produce the most comfortable and natural on the market.
Our insoles have been made following strict quality controls to provide maximum comfort to our customers. All this, using products that respect the environment. Men’s, women’s and children’s footwear has an unbeatable ally in our models.


We are manufacturers of shoe insoles

As we said before, our experience supports us. We work from Elche, the cradle of the Spanish footwear industry. In our facilities you can choose, among a variety of models, those that best suit your predefined designs. In the same way, you can ask us for advice before launching a shoe on the market.

We continually remain alert to the latest industry innovations to use throughout our manufacturing process. Anatomical insoles are the basis of our business and we are at your disposal combining avant-garde and tradition in what we do.


Insole and foot: the importance of a union

Foot care is essential for our health, as well as to be able to enjoy the day to day normally. That is why at Lotoplant we take our work seriously, and this is reflected in our foot insole models.

We use ecological inks for the marking of each unit. We offer insoles made of different materials and available in different colors, light and flexible. On the other hand, the jute component gives them stability and resistance. Cork and natural rubber add extra durability.

Our products are free of dangerous chemicals. We manufacture vegan insoles with recycled and ecological materials without losing an iota of good results, which is one of the keys to our success.


Benefits of cork insoles

To begin with, it must be said that cork is an unbeatable insulator, which is great for protecting feet from the cold. In addition, the usual antibacterial treatment of the insoles made with this material reduces bad odours.

The good cushioning of the cork will also reduce your tiredness if you are exposed to standing for long hours. It is a material with memory, which does not deform easily. Really, a guarantee of success.


Advantages of rubber insoles

Rubber is a plant material with very good wear resistance. Although its weight is a little more than other materials, it has great flexibility and is very durable. As it adheres very well to different surfaces, it is a successful option for work footwear. It is also widely used when trekking or in slippers to walk around the house.

In addition, rubber is a soft material, with good toughness and elongation, stable shrinkage, good toughness, and waterproof. As you can see, a quality alternative when it comes to being part of the shoes of all kinds of people.

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