Lotoplant cork insoles and their benefits

Cork. One of the main materials with which we manufacture our insoles. 100% natural and extracted from cork oaks from the meadows of Extremadura. With it, we respect the environment and make its extraction compatible with the natural cycles of this type of Mediterranean forest.

It is an absolutely sustainable, resistant, light and insulating material. It stands out for its flexibility and its cushioning capacity. That is why it is fantastic for any type of shoe and for any time of the year. Not only summer is his season.

From our factory, more than 3 million pairs of plants leave for different countries of the world. We are nationally and internationally recognized manufacturers and this is thanks to the effort we have put in all these years to create a product with which we can compete. Avant-garde and tradition come together to produce the best shoe insoles on the market.

Manufacturing process of anatomical templates.

We manufacture natural cork insoles Lotoplant

Cork is synonymous with resistance and durability.

In the last test we carried out with our insoles. Of the 500,000 push-ups that were carried out at a speed of 138 push-ups/minute, with an angle of 30º and in an STM 184 flexometer, no significant alteration of the plant was observed. This is fantastic when it comes to manufacturing any type of footwear, since the most important thing for the customer, when they purchase your product, is that it remains in their shoe rack for as long as possible. Our high-quality materials absolutely guarantee this.



LotoPlant anatomical insoles. We are manufacturers. Headboard.

Benefits of anatomical insoles

How important it is that a shoe is stable when in contact with the ground. This translates into greater support when taking each step, relieving unnecessary discomfort and overload. Thanks to our high-quality materials and our careful manufacturing process, our anatomical insoles have everything to make this happen.

If you want your shoes to boast stability and above all to provide comfort when walking, you need to contact us.




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