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We were born in 1989, in Elche, a city with great experience in the footwear industry. From our beginnings, to the present, our goal has always been to create a high quality product. For this reason, our anatomical templates are designed with biodegradable natural materials and include the latest innovations in the sector. In this way, we guarantee that any shoe obtains a tread of great comfort.

Currently, from our factory, more than 3 million pairs of soles leave for different countries around the world. We are recognized nationally and internationally; and this is thanks to the effort we have put all these years into creating a product with which we can compete.

Vanguard and tradition come together to produce the best insoles on the market.

What are anatomical templates?

Most footwear brands are committed to including quality insoles in their shoes. Those that adapt to the foot of those who wear them and that minimize any type of impact.

The anatomical insoles stand out for their design, focused on providing maximum comfort when walking. They are made with reinforcements located in specific areas, which distribute the weight evenly on the sole of the foot, avoiding loading areas such as the heel.

Advantages of Lotoplant anatomical insoles.

Comfort is the highest virtue of our anatomical insoles. In addition, we can also boast of its great adaptability to the foot and its breathability. Essential for any type of footwear.

The use of this type of insole is recommended, above all, for people who spend a lot of time on their feet throughout the day. Whether walking or facing the public. Al llevarlas, el pie se establece en la posición ideal, evitando tensiones que podrían derivar en dolores y sobrecargas musculares.

The best ergonomic insoles.

We firmly believe in our product and our know-how. Our insoles are made from high-quality materials for lightness, flexibility and durability, but we also want those materials to have been treated properly.

As an important fact: in the last test we carried out with our templates. Of the 500,000 push-ups performed at a speed of 138 push-ups/minute, at an angle of 30° and on a STM 184 flexometer, no significant alteration of the sole was observed.

Thanks to these data, our customers fully trust the Lotoplant seal. We export to the whole world the comfort of our insoles and their competitive capacity in any market.


Insoles for footwear: types that you will find on our website.

Our insoles are entirely made with top quality renewable raw materials. Eco-sustainable materials, with a meticulous prior selection. Cork, rubber and jute give our insoles the lightness, flexibility and durability they need. We know that every step counts, that’s why we produce taking into account the value of healthy feet.

We have a very extensive catalog of templates for both men, women, boys and girls. From model 105, to design a flat shoe, to model 181 to create heeled shoes. We also have wedge models or adapted to more sporty designs. Tell us what you need and we will make it a reality.

Are you thinking about your new star moccasin or renewing a continuity model of your brand? We have the perfect template. Personalize it with your personal stamp, choose the color and create a comfortable, versatile and stylish shoe.

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